First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton To Attend
CIVITAS Palermo World Congress

Joins Global Movement to Build 'Culture of Lawfulness'

Washington, D.C., June 3, 1999 - The wave of democracy that has swept across continents at this century's close continues to be threatened by undercurrents of crime and corruption. Battling these challenges demands greater civic involvement and citizen partnership with law enforcement to build a culture of lawfulness.

The CIVITAS Palermo World Congress in Palermo, Italy, from June 18-21, 1999 - sponsored by CIVITAS International, the City of Palermo, and the Italian Ministry of Education - will launch an international campaign for education for democracy and showcase the Palermo experience as a model of civic reform. First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, President designate of the European Commission Romano Prodi, Nobel Prize winner for Literature Wole Soyinka, Italian Minister of Public Education Luigi Berlinguer, and hundreds of educators and civic leaders from around the world will discuss issues and strategies for building global support for education to strengthen a culture of democracy and lawfulness, combat crime, and empower citizens.

In Palermo, Sicily - a place once synonymous with the Mafia - citizens joined forces to recapture their city in a courageous fight against crime and corruption. Leadership and substantial progress in this movement can be seen in other regions of the world as well. CIVITAS International, a global network of civic educators supported by the United States Information Agency, has mounted a campaign to educate citizens worldwide in the skills and knowledge required for democracies to thrive.

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