February 25, 1999
Release No. 003-99

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Washington, D.C. -- Psychologist George Lawrence, of Alexandria, Va., will travel in late February to spend five months at the University of Sarajevo Medical School where he will consult and teach about treatment for stress and emotional injury caused by war, and about using behavior analysis to effect social change. He is one of the first Fulbright Senior Scholars to be sent to Bosnia since the war in 1992.

Lawrence, who has extensive experience in individual clinical practice, research, and military psychology, had an earlier Fulbright grant to consult and teach in Bulgaria on military psychology, ethnic tensions, and stress. He also served as an Implementing Partner for UNICEF in 1993-94, conducting seminars and consulting on childhood post traumatic stress disorder in Sarajevo and Tuzla, Bosnia, and Vinkovci, Croatia.

Anticipating his upcoming experience, Lawrence said: "I've always been deeply interested and attracted to Eastern Europe, with its conflicted, tragic history. I spent a little time in Bosnia with UNICEF during the war and I vowed to return in another helping position if I could. I am grateful for this opportunity to try to apply what I know of social and clinical psychology to reconciliation and recovery in Bosnia."

Educated at Yale University, the University of North Carolina, Boston University, and Rutgers University, Lawrence holds two doctorates. He has taught at the college level and done research and project development at the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Defense (Advanced Research Projects Agency), the National Academy of Sciences, and elsewhere.

In addition to Lawrence, two other American Fulbright Senior Scholars will depart in the next month for teaching positions at the University of Sarajevo. Daniel Boxer of Humboldt State University, Calif., will teach American studies and Dr. Pauline Komnenich of Arizona State University in Scottsdale, Ariz., will teach community and psychosocial nursing. Six scholars who began studying at U.S. universities in Sept. 1998 are the first Bosnian Fulbright grantees to come to the United States since the war. They are at Rochester Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Yale University, Boston College, Michigan State University, and the University of Massachusetts.

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