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Office of Public Liaison

Office of Public Liaison
U.S. Information Agency
301 4th Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20547

Acting Director........Frances Sullinger
Main line:..........(202) 619-4355
USIA Operator:..(202) 619-4700
Fax:...................(202) 619-6988

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Public Liaison: Mission & Services  

The Office of Public Liaison (PL) serves as the public and media affairs office for the U.S. Information Agency in the United States. PL is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and evaluating USIA's domestic public affairs activities and for developing its communications strategy. PLís overarching objective is to increase public understanding of USIA, by providing information about the agency's policies, mission, and programs to the American people, the media, academic institutions and exchange organizations.


redbull.gif (303 bytes)  PL Staff are available to answer questions from the public and the media about USIA's programs and role in supporting US foreign policy abroad.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) PL prepares News Releases on current USIA activities.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) PL can arrange interviews with USIA officials and regional experts on USIA's domestic and international programs.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) PL arranges and conducts briefings about USIA for visitors to the agency headquarters in Washington.  Visitors include government officials, student groups, college interns, and foreign visitors.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) PL manages the USIA Homepage and The Public Diplomacy Forum, USIA's online journal and resource site for USIA and public diplomacy issues.

Lookup USIA Information

redbull.gif (303 bytes) USIA officials -- agency leaders, regional, and program bureau directors -- are listed here. USIA officials may be contacted through PL to discuss Agency programs.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) USIA phone directory: If you know the name or office symbol of the person you are trying to reach, you may use this online telephone directory.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) US Embassies abroad. This links to the State Department's list of U.S. Embassy addresses and key personnel overseas. USIA, known overseas as USIS, can be reached through the American Embassy or Consulate abroad.

Public Diplomacy Links

redbull.gif (303 bytes) PL manages the Public Diplomacy Forum Web site, a USIA foreign affairs resource that provides information on USIA international exchanges and public diplomacy programs.


PDForum Contents:
Spotlight - online journal
Rostrum - current issues
Public Diplomacy Nationwide - recent programs
Citizen Diplomat - links & further reading

redbull.gif (303 bytes) The independent Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy is a bipartisan, Presidentially-appointed panel created by Congress to look broadly in the public interest at U.S. government activities intended to understand, inform, and influence foreign publics.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) The non-profit Public Diplomacy Foundation, a USIA alumni and outreach organization, tracks current issues in public diplomacy.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) The State Department's Outreach site and Bureau of Public Affairs address American public concerns on current foreign policy and State Department issues.

Career Information

redbull.gif (303 bytes) Though limited, USIA civil service jobs are listed on the Fedworld database.  Contact USIA's Office of Human Resources - M/HRCO, (202) 619-4656, for further information.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) USIA foreign service careers are described on the Department of State's Recruitment website.

redbull.gif (303 bytes) Volunteer Internship Program: USIA unpaid internships are available.

For internships, please send the following to USIA:
Application form: Use federal government form OF-612, SF-171, or a detailed Resume, with an OF-306, Declaration for Federal Employment.

Narrative Statement: A one-page statement describing your skills, interests, and why you want to work at USIA and in the foreign affairs field. You should review information about USIA on this website.

If your application is accepted, you will receive a packet requesting further background information. All internships, for undergraduate or graduate students, are unpaid.

Send materials to:

USIA, M/HRCO - Volunteer Internships,
301 4th St. SW, Rm. 518
Washington DC 20547

You may also 'CC' a copy of your internship application to the Office of Public Liaison or a specific office at USIA.

Reorganization of Foreign Affairs Agencies


The March [1999] revision of the Reorganization Plan and Report submitted by the Department of State to the Congress contains two changes related to public diplomacy. Whereas the earlier version of the plan combined USIA's I [Information} and E [Education & Cultural Affairs] Bureaus, the revised plan establishes a separate Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs headed by an Assistant Secretary of State. It also establishes an Office of International Information Programs, to be headed by a Coordinator who reports directly to the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. Secondly, the revised Plan notes that the Department of State's "International Affairs Strategic Plan" will encompass public diplomacy goals, and that Bureau and Mission Performance Plans also will reflect public diplomacy "targets and projects."
See State Department website on impending merger with USIA.


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