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          June 1999

  • U.S. Citizen Creates News Outlet for Kosovars

  • USIA Wins Hammer Award for Exchanges

  • State Department Report on Global Terrorism

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    American citizen creates independent Kosovo news outlet
    An American citizen wrote PDForum about Internet news magazine Kosovo News.
    "Like most of the world, you've reported on the government repression of independent news organs in Yugoslavia. My company is making two small related services available in the Balkan trauma. We've created a free, write your own article news magazine called Kosovo News . Readers on the scene in Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, etc., can write their own articles for immediate, uncensored publication. There's also a classified ad service with a missing persons section."

    "Patterns of Global Terrorism"
    The Department of State has released a report stating that the "United States is engaged in a long-term effort against international terrorism to protect lives and hold terrorists accountable. We will use the full range of tools at our disposal, including diplomacy backed by the use of force when necessary, as well as law enforcement and economic measures."

    USIA-Chaired Interagency Working Group Earns Vice President Gore's Hammer Award A working group of twenty-eight federal agencies chaired by the United States Information Agency won a Hammer Award for reinventing the way federal agencies communicate, cooperate, and coordinate U.S. government-sponsored international people-to-people exchanges and training activities.

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    May 1999

    "Mayor of Palermo, Italy, promotes civic education"
    "USIA Alumnus: Fred Coffey, Consultant"
    "USIA Alumnus: Robert Amerson, Author
    "USIA Alumnus: Eli Flam, Editor, Potomac Review

    March-April 1999
    "Fulbright Exchange Teachers share experiences of their program in India"
    "USIA Exhibition Coordinator honored by Women's Caucus for Art
    "USIA Alumnus: Ambassador Horace Dawson Jr.,
    Director, Bunche Center for International Affairs at Howard University"
    "USIA Alumna: Jo Campbell, Founder, Ecotopics International News Service"

    January-February 1999
    "USIA Alumnus: Hal Morton, President, USIA Alumni Association"
    "USIA Alumna: Carol Owens, Hillwood Museum and Gardens"
    "USIA-sponsored Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program in India"
    "Power and Interdependence in the Information Age" (from Sep/Oct 1998 issue of Foreign Affairs)

    November-December 1998
    "Oklahoma State University - Kazakstan Teleconference on Distance Education"
    "Angolan Youth Poster Artist Photo Story"

    September-October 1998
    "A Day in the Life of a Foreign Service Officer"
    "Reinventing Diplomacy in the Information Age"
    "Jazz Ambassadors"

    July-August 1998
    "Public Diplomacy as a Second Career"
    "Undertaking a Public Diplomacy Career"
    "Presidential Public Diplomacy in China"

    June 1998
    "Building Peace in Cyprus"
    "Sound of Global Change"

    May 1998
    "Conflict Reporting in West Africa"
    "Public Diplomacy in the Iraq Crisis"

    April 1998
    "Free Market Tough for TV in Kyrgyzstan"

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