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Updated July 1999

Issue:  Foundation of Trust
Discussion area
Issues:   Promote institutional linkages, cross-cultural ties through exchanges, American Studies

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Chile
"Our destination was Hornopiren, a town about 125 miles south but five hours away at the speed we traveled. The Greyhound like bus south was full and even the aisles were stuffed with people as we began the ride. I hate to disappoint my niece who has a certain image of South American buses, but no animals rode with us."

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Portugal
"It requires the best from someone to live abroad and be heavily involved with the lives of students, faculty and citizens of the country, and to emerge at the end of it with a feeling of success. I enjoyed the challenge."

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Morocco
"The visit has been also rewarding to me as I had the chance to transfer technology to Morocco, learn about scientists and students in the University of Ibnou Zohr, and experience this wonderful culture and heritage. I thank the Fulbright for making all this possible."

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Ghana
I have found a new term for the unexpected expectations of life. I call them "the chickens of reality."

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Mexico
"Las Capuchinas" is a small convent, or at least the part I was allowed to visit. The small patio designed by Barrag_n is one of the most moving, spiritual spaces I have ever experienced.

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Finland
Terve Huittisista! (Hello from Huittinen!) I went to Säkylä last night to do the sauna and jumping in the lake thing. I didn't know if I would have the nerve to jump in the water, but I didn't want to seem like a wimp so I did it. I guess the water was zero celsius because the ice had to be broken away so there was a place to go into the water. People don't exactly jump into the water either, they walk down stairs into the lake. I noticed even the most hearty of them did not stay in the water very long.

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Vietnam
As far as we can tell, ours are the first western children, particularly American children, that most people ever have seen in person, let alone met. The children are growing used to being the object of stares.

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in El Salvador
...enjoying the interchange with her Salvadoran colleagues. 'I am impressed with their dedication and high degree of professionalism. When I visited here ten years ago during the height of the war, my colleagues continued to provide library services to their students and patrons even when bombings would cut their electricity and cause untold difficulties.'

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in London
Cheesey it may seem, I also gave him my State of Kansas lapel pin and told him to wear it the next time he saw Senator Roberts.

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in China
I've been fortunate enough to present lectures for the Fulbright Speakers Program in Chinese cities as far north as Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia, and south as Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Provice.

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Chile
I just got back from a spectacular 10-day backpacking trip to Torres del Paine national park in Chilean Patagonia!

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Austria
I am a doctoral student on a Fulbright Student Grant in Vienna, Austria. I am studying the neurophysiology of swallowing, specifically the role of the cerebral cortex in the motor planning of swallowing using electroencephalographic techniques.

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Israel
The science I am learning here will be useful for years to come. I am also helping this laboratory to gain approaches to questions of their interest. We will shortly form a consortium of about 5 laboratories and we will apply for NIH funding to continue our collaborative efforts.

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Ghana
After getting settled into Ghanaian life, which took a some time, I began to explore some of the shrines and proverbial imagery as well as the architectual symbolism associated with them.

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Finland
I am finding my Fulbright experience in Finland thus far interesting, exciting and enlightening. My colleagues here at the University of Tampere are helpful and encouraging.

Program participants:  USIA's Fulbright Scholar Program Alumni Honored in 1998

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Hong Kong
What one learns is how many, many people around the world live on a daily basis within rigid systems and with rules they do not understand. Added to the thousands of friendly encounters with kind citizens who give bus directions, of heady meetings with brilliant tri-lingual academic counterparts, of treks on beautiful mountains, of fish dinners overlooking rosy sunsets and the gathering neon blossoms of Hong Kong, this year is one of almost unlimited "possibilities" for something that goes far, far beyond "prose."

Program:  USIA's Overseas Student Advising

Program participant feedback:  USIA Fulbright Scholar in Japan
Hello, or "Kon'nichiwa" from Japan! My name is Ryan, and I'm one of this year's Fulbright fellows. I am conducting research in the field of biochemistry, and combining this with a program of language, culture, traveling, and fun!

Program participant feedback: Since 1946, the USIA-sponsored Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program has helped nearly 23,000 teachers and administrators contribute to creating mutual understanding between the United States and countries around the world. Come join grantees Dede Tisone-Bartels and Felicia Eppley on their 1998 Fulbright-Hayes Teacher Exchange Program to India.

Rostrum Discussion Area

Comments received by PDForum:

Publicizing of American Good Will Urged

Dear Gentlemen and Ladies:
      During my lifetime as I studied the atrocities of Nazi Germany's "ethnic cleansing" and knew of the suffering and death that occurred while "good people" did nothing, I had the luxury of telling myself, "If I had been alive then, I could not be silent. I would have done something." The horrors are happening again, and I was right. I feel compelled to do something.
     I write to you for information on what can be done to help. If and when refugees are fortunate enough to reach US shores, I offer my home as a transition point. What organizations are working in Albania and Macedonia to assist victims who have been able to flee the Serbian-inflicted horrors?
      Please make easily available to the public all avenues through which we may offer ways to help. Publicize opportunities for compassionate Americans to involve themselves so that it will be possible for Mr. Milosovich to understand that in the United States there are not only consumers with deep pockets, but people of deep hearts and of conscience who will arm themselves with all humanitarian means to hobble the evil that his behavior produces.
      Thank you in advance for your assistance with this information.
      Sincerely, (

American Spirit of Generosity in Kosovo Refugee Crisis: Offer of Home

I wish to share my house with a few refugees. My house is a 4 bedroom (2 vacant), carpeted living area with fireplace,(and pinball machine. 1 1/2 baths, laundry, shared kitchen and dining area, welcome to use my living room TV, 2 VCR's, stereo. Also, I have 2 PC computers available for E-Mail back to Kosovo/Albania, games. word processors, etc. I am 59 years old and live alone. It would be a pleasure to have them as house guests. I am Christian. Their religion is not important. Ethnically, they are humans in need. My background: B.S. Aviation Management, minor Business Management, ex-air traffic controller, ex-public speaker for FAA, ex-electronic salesman, served in U.S.Air Force as air to air. I am on Social Security Disability. I would need financial assistance for their food and necessities of life. I would try to persuade a large grocery store chain to provide food. (Tax write-off for them). I would need beds and bedding for them. I have a king sized hide-a-bed (old ) in basement living area, but no beds for the 2 vacant rooms I have 1 extra dresser, but would need another. Since I have had public relations experience with the news media, I would solicit them to give a public service announcement to provide clothing. References available from neighbors and church members. You may inspect my property any time. My 2 grown children (19, and 28), live nearby. And can help provide transportation. Please advise me,who and where do I contact to give this information. (>

US-German Congressional Youth Exchange

I wanted to take the time to share my experience of Germany supported by the Congress-Bundestag Exchange Program for Young Professionals!
      For an entire year my perspective of the world broadened, my understanding of a unique culture expanded, and my character strengthened. I changed because I, along with 59 other American, were forced to adapt to new circumstances; we were thrusted into situations where the rules of what "works" in the States, were no longer applicable. In order to survive in our new environments, we needed to be flexible, open-minded, and willing to learn.
      Amazingly enough, just when we thought we knew ourselves as Americans inside and out, we learned through our experiences so much more of what defines our culture and how that colors our views of the world. The time we spent in Germany was a time in which we grew within ourselves and with our fellow participants, and moreover, will surpass the labeling of being a mere memory. For it is everyday that I find myself using tools to achieve my goals, which I had developed abroad. (

Tibetan Monks Visit Stevens Point, Wisconsin

"From January 23 to January 25, a group of about 16 Tibetan Monks visited the city of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. This was the third stop on their World Peace Tour. There was a talk given at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, and several workshops were held at a local business. I personally thought it was fascinating, and gave me a much greater appreciation of the Tibetan culture, of which previously, I knew almost nothing about. The monks stayed with several families in the area. Their main focus was not to focus on politics, on the conflict with China, but on their religion. The workshops were introductions to Dharma meditations, a chanting class, and two blessing ceremonies." (

Overseas Advising Centers for Students Win Support in U.S. Congress

"It looks as though the overseas advising centers that provide information about U.S. higher education to students around the world have been spared the budget knife.

The Senate and House of Representatives appropriations subcommittees that set the budget for the United States Information Agency have both recommended that fiscal-1999 funds for the network of about 450 centers be maintained at the current level of $3.1-million.

In the budget that President Clinton proposed to Congress, those funds were to be reduced by one-third. Last year, more than 200,000 students visited the centers.

Funds for the centers have been significantly reduced in recent years, to the distress of U.S. colleges and international-education groups, which lobbied against another cut.

"A lot of advocacy work was done on student advising, and I think the message was heard," said Michael McCarry, executive director of the Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange.

The budget panels also called for increases in funds for the U.S.I.A.'s international educational- and cultural-exchange programs. The Senate panel approved a bill that would provide $ 205-million for such activities, $6-million more than the President requested and $7.3-million above the current level. The House subcommittee called for an increase of $2.27-million over the current fiscal year. A conference committee will determine the final amount.

"A couple of programs that were fairly significant were cut back, or had no funds identified for them, and we're going to work through the conference to see if we can improve that," said Mr. McCarry. Those programs include the Muskie Fellowships for graduate students and professionals in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics.

(Reported in the "Chronicle of Higher Education" July 10, 1998)

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