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I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Fulbright Forum which was conducted at both the U.S. Embassy and at Westminster. In addition to meeting Ambassador Lader and Baroness Blackstone (UK Minister for Education and Employment), I had the unique pleasure of meeting a Member of Parliament who was good friends with Senator Pat Roberts (one of my senators, as I am from Kansas). MP Eric Forth and I visited at length about his district just outside London, and I shared some more Kansas/Senator Roberts stories with him. Cheesey it may seem, but I also gave him my State of Kansas lapel pin and told him to wear it the next time he saw Senator Roberts. As you can tell, chance meetings like this have made my and my wife's time in London wonderful. The Fulbright Commission and my university, South Bank University, have made my wife and I feel very welcome.

My studies at South Bank are progressing well. I am learning a lot about the food safety standards being applied to foods in the UK and the EU. The public health and international trade implications for agriculture regulation are tremendous, and I hope one day to share what I've learned with U.S. institutions -- including the great state of Kansas!

Thank you for all that you do for us. If you ever need someone to go to bat for the Fulbright program, I would more than happy to!




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