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Indeed, I am finding my Fulbright experience in Finland thus far interesting, exciting and enlightening. My colleagues here at the University of Tampere are helpful and encouraging. I very much look forward to the next months.

I am teaching two courses - a lecture course, "Issues in American Government and Politics," and a seminar, "American Intellectual History." My early impressions of the students are quite positive. I'm intending to continue my research and writing here on a long-term project dealing with the American founding generation's views and conduct of foreign affairs. In this regard, I will give a presentation at the North American Studies Conference this Spring in Tampere on the Founders and the development of modern International Law. Additionally, I am completing a book on American Presidents and the United Nations, which I am co-authoring with a colleague in the states. The completed manuscript is now being copyedited in New York, and I will need to do some final work on it while I'm in Finland. I plan to use some of the research for this latter book in composing a paper to give at the American Studies conference in Tartu, Estonia in mid-April. Finally, I am scheduled to deliver a number of talks, in various locations in Finland, and in nearby countries.

Thus, I'm busy, but certainly happy! The experience continues to be very positive.




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