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Evangeline (E.J.) Montgomery Honored by Woman's Art Group

In recognition of having spent her lifetime in service to women in the arts, E.J. Montgomery was one of six women honored by the Women's Caucus for Art during the organization's national conference held in Los Angeles, February 7-11, 1999. Before joining the U.S. Information Agency's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs as an exhibition coordinator in 1983, E.J. held many distinguished positions in the art community, i.e., a San Francisco arts commissioner (1976-79), a consulting curator for a number of museums, including the Oakland Museum in California, an exhibition workshop coordinator for the American Association for State & Local History where she held eight national workshops on interpreting the humanities for museum exhibits (1979), and workshop coordinator on exhibit design for the African-American Museums Association (1982).

While continuing to work as a practicing studio artist in print making, metal smithing and weaving, E.J. has dedicated her career to giving greater exposure to artists in inner city communities and the community at large. In the process of coordinating over fifty touring exhibitions for USIA for major museums and institutions abroad, E.J. has received an Award of Distinction from the American Craft Council for USIA's touring craft exhibitions (1995); a Special Achievement Award for two major USIA-sponsored craft exhibitions - CRAFT TODAY USA (1989-91), and FRONTIERS IN FIBER (1988-90).

The Women's Caucus for Art is committed to non-racism and non-sexism in art education, art exhibitions, art history and criticism. The organizations's purpose is to educate the general public about the contributions to the arts of women, people of color, and people with disabilities, respecting differences in age, religion, class, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

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