Electronic and Printed Materials
: The Washington File information service provides both time-sensitive and in-depth information in five languages to foreign audiences. The File includes full transcripts of speeches, Congressional testimony, articles by Administration officials, and materials providing analysis of key issues. Other materials include on-line publications dealing with democratic developments, trade, security, and other issues. The Agency has worldwide web sites (www.usia.gov) for domestic and overseas audiences which contain information about the United States, USIA programs, and key international events and issues.


Speaker and Specialist Program: The Speakers and Specialists Program enables hundreds of Americans to share their expertise with audiences abroad. For speakers who are requested on short notice, required for a single event, or are unable to travel, digital video conference programs allow foreign audiences to communicate electronically with their U.S. counterparts. 


Information  Resource Centers
: Over 100 information resource centers are electronically equipped for rapid delivery of information relevant to U.S. interests abroad to foreign leaders in government, media and academia. In some developing countries, USIA supports public-access libraries that encourage serious study and understanding of American society and institutions.


Foreign Press Centers
: USIA operates foreign press centers in Washington, New York, and Los Angeles to assist resident and visiting foreign journalists. The centers work cooperatively with privately sponsored international press centers in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, and Seattle.


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