The 1997 - 1998 Partnerships in Education Program, most commonly referred to as the Adopt-A-School Program, has been an overwhelming success. Each Thursday afternoon, approximately 15 employees tutor students in math, reading skills, and English at Lucy D. Slowe Elementary school in order to prepare the students for the Stanford 9 examination. All students in the District of Columbia school system are required to achieve a score "above basic" level in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Students who score below basic will be required to attend summer school in hopes of attaining the skills necessary to succeed at the next grade level.

Approximately 7 employees have expressed an interest in tutoring students at School Without Walls Senior High School. The USIA Director of Research, Ann Pincus, tutors students two days a week at this school. An employee in the International Bureau of Broadcasting (IBB) has made provisions for two students come to IBB for tutorial sessions. In addition, several employees have expressed an interest in participating in Career Day activities at the school later this month.

For further information on the Partnerships in Education Program, please contact the Office of Civil Rights on (202) 619-5151.

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