In November, 1997,the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) announced the Agency's 1997-98 program in support of the District of Columbia Partnerships in Education. The National Partnerships in Education Program was proclaimed by the President in October, 1983; USIA began participating in the program in 1996, when it formed partnerships with Lucy D. Slowe Elementary School, located at 14th and Jackson Streets, N.E. (near the Brookland Metro Station) and School Without Walls Senior High School, located at 2130 G Street, N.W. (on the campus of George Washington University).

During the 1997-1998 school year, each Thursday afternoon approximately 15 USIA employees tutored students in math, reading skills, and English at Lucy D. Stowe Elementary in oder to prepare students for the Stanford 9 examination. At the same time, some seven employees, including the USIA Director of Research, have been tutoring students at School Without Walls Senior High School. In the two years the Agency has been participating in this program, The Office of Civil Rights has also sponsored music workshops, used student musical groups for USIA commemorative events, and delivered several excess computers to both schools.

USIA encourages supervisors and managers to allow interested employees to volunteer their time in support of the partnership program by authorizing up to 10 hours of administrative leave per month for each volunteer participant. Supervisors and managers who participate or facilitate participation in this program gain credit toward fulfillment of the EEO activity requirement in their performance plans. For further information about the Partnerships in Education Program, contact <>