Mentoring is widely recognized as one of the most valuable forms of career development for employees. Information shared in a mentoring partnership can range from the intangible "voice of experience" to concrete advice on how to accomplish tasks in an organization. The Office of Civil Rights sponsors a Mentoring Program designed to provide opportunities for Agency employees at the GS-12 level and below to receive training, counseling and guidance that will enhance their productivity on the job and their potential for career advancement. After attending the Mentoring Program's initial orientation and group workshops, mentors and mentorees meet at least four times a month throughout the year. Mentorees formulate an Individual Development Plan (IDP), participate in three special workshops, and take a number of individual training courses in concert with their IDP.

The success the program has enjoyed up to now has been due to the large number of talented senior managers and employees who generously take time out from their busy schedules to participate as mentors. Those interested in receiving additional information about taking part in the USIA Mentoring Program, either as mentorees or through volunteering their services as mentors, should contact OCR.


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