In Recognition of Excellence in Mentoring

Mentoring has long been recognized as a valuable tool for enhancing individual capabilities and fostering career development. For the past nine years, USIA's Office of Civil Rights has continued its efforts to provide mentoring partnerships for Agency employees who are seeking career guidance and support. Besides coaching and counseling, mentorees have received assistance with job-related information, with the preparation of their Individual Development Plan (IDP), and with the identification of appropriate training and networking opportunities. In return, mentorees have offered feedback and praise, served as a communication conduit and a source of "reflected glory" for their mentors. The mentoring process can be thought of as a magic mirror for both the mentor and mentoree to look upon and through to a new horizon as they experience and share the excitement of learning during their partnership.

On November 23, 1998, the Office of Civil Rights hosted the Agency's ninth annual mentoring program graduation in recognition of this years' thirty-eight mentoring partnerships. To honor the program participants, Ms. Hattie P. Baldwin, Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Mr. Kevin Klose, Director of the International Bureau of Broadcasting, and Ms. Harriet Elam, Counselor of the Agency, provided congratulatory remarks to mentorees and mentors for their special achievements and successful completion of the eight-month program.

The 1999 Mentoring Program session will begin in February. Interested employees must submit an application to be considered for participation in the program. For further information on the program or to receive an application, please contact the Office of Civil Rights at 619-5151.

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