OCR has recruited thirty-three additional collateral duty EEO Counselors who will assist our office in processing informal complaints of discrimination. The new Counselors are: David Andresen from AF, Akbar Ayazi from B/VOA/M, Joan Butler from B/TVWPE, Patricia Byrd from E/P, Paul Good from B/Y, Judith Greenspan from I/GAR, Ilo-Mai Harding from E/ASX, Sandra Jackson from the I bureau, Deby Jones from B/TVWPE, Andrew Key from M/HRFP, Richard Kleinfeldt from B/VOA/WG, Katherine Lee from M, Edward Loo from M/HRFP, Carol Lynn MacCurdy from EEN, Nittaya Maphungphong from B/VOA/F, Bill May from B/EBP, Maggie McFarland from E/VGA, Darlene Nataniel from M/HRCS, Patricia Norman from E, Bonnie Parry from I/SOD, Stacey Rose-Blass from B/TVWPA, Richard Rosenberg from M/TI, Peter Samson from AR, Dr. Brian Silver from B/VOA/N, Larry Smith from M/SI, Vicki Swaney from B/VOA/C, Sonja Sweek from M/HRT, Paul Vamvas from B/TVWSS, Norma Williamson from I/SOD, Jim Witt from B/E, Linda Wray from I/SOD, Marlene Wright from B/VOA/EN, and Carlos Yanez from M/SIA.

OCR is delighted to welcome our new Counselors and thank each of you for agreeing to serve in this vital role!

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