May 26, 1993, The Director of the United States Information Agency issued the following statement regarding Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Employment policies at USIA:

"The United States Information Agency is firmly committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and the promotion of a strong Affirmative Employment Program. It is the policy of the Agency to provide Equal Opportunity in employment for all persons in its work force and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, or handicap. I strongly promote the full realization of Equal Opportunity in employment through continuing programs of Affirmative Employment at every level of the Agency.

"Equal Employment Opportunity principles must govern all aspects of the Agency's personnel policies, program practices, and operations. All phases of employment--recruitment, hiring, evaluation, promotion, transfer, assignment, training, benefits, and separation--shall be conducted in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations.

"Agency policy regarding Equal Employment Opportunity requires that every effort be made to ensure that our work force is representative of the population from which it is drawn. Where imbalances exist, corrective action will be taken.

"I am including Equal Employment Opportunity as a factor in the evaluation of managerial performance. Managers and supervisors will be responsible for compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity objectives and for ensuring that Affirmative Employment actions are implemented.

"As Director of USIA, I strongly support the Agency's commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity and hold every employee accountable for the achievement of Agency Affirmative Employment objectives. If we are to convey the philosophy and meaning of a true democracy, the individuals "telling America's story to the world" should truly represent the population of this country in all its cultural diversity."

--In order to ensure that these policies would be put into practice at the United States Information Agency, on March 24, 1994, the Agency Director issued an Equal Employment Opportunity 10-Point Plan which established an Affirmative Action Committee, reaffirmed manager and supervisor accountability for Equal Employment Opportunity and pro-active Affirmative Employment practices, and outlined other initiatives to accomplish EEO and Affirmative Employment objectives at USIA.

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