The United States Information Agency's Office of Civil Rights, Directed by Hattie P. Baldwin, is immediately responsible to the Director of the Agency for developing proactive strategies aimed at increasing representation of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in USIA's workforce. Included in these responsibilities are:

All of these programs are designed to insure that the work environment at USIA is free of harassment and discrimination based upon race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, handicapping condition and any other non-merit factor.

The OCR staff includes senior staff (both civil and foreign service) policy advisors and EEO Specialists, who process complaints and conduct EEO counseling for USIA employees. Supporting these OCR Specialists is a pool of volunteer Collateral EEO Counselors from USIA who have been trained by OCR to handle Complaints at the informal stage in order to reach early resolution between the parties involved. For formal complaints, OCR utilizes experienced contractors to conduct investigations that help provide the background for final Complaint decisions.

In addition to Complaints, OCR administers an assortment of outreach programs, including Mentoring, Partners in Education, Affirmative Employment, Special Emphasis, Diversity Training, and Federal Women's programs. Through the implementation of these programs, OCR strives to assist USIA managers and employees in their efforts to maintain harmonious and fair working conditions. OCR also supports and promotes diversity participation, including participation by persons with disabilities, in USIA overseas programs and exchanges.

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