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BulletSpecial announcements, notices, alerts on current, topical events in GC.
J Exchange Program(including Au Pair)
BulletCurrent regulations at 22 CFR 514 regulating the entire Exchange Visitor (J-visa) Program, including any new or proposed regulations and 1/16/97 Exchange Visitor Skills List in text format or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. (RO Manual--working draft). We invite comments and suggestions on J issues.
USIA Freedom of Information Act Regulations
BulletThese are the Agency's current regulations at 22 CFR 503 governing our implementation of the FOIA. If you are requesting existing Agency information, these regs describe the process, give contact addresses and set out fees.
USIA Privacy Act Regulations
BulletThese regulations deal with the Privacy Act and requests by individuals for their own records. They are found at 22 CFR 505.
Beirut Agreement Regulations
BulletCurrent Agency regulations implementing the Agreement for Facilitating the International Circulation of Visual and Auditory Material of an Educational, Scientific and Cultural Character -- the Beirut Agreement and U.S. law. 22 CFR 502.
Immumity From Judicial Seizure(for cultural objects)
BulletText of P.L. 89-259, 79 Stat. 985, approved October 19,1965. This legislation enables USIA, through the Office of General Counsel, to make determinations necessary for the protection from judicial process (such as seizure), objects of cultural significance coming from foreign countries, temporarily, for non- profit exhibition in educational and cultural institutions in the United States.
Tort Claims against USIA--Regulations
BulletUnder these regulations, the General Counsel determines or settles tort claims (claims for money damages for personal injury or death, or damage to property based on alleged negligence of Agency employees acting within the scope of their employment against the Agency. 22 CFR 511.
Program Fraud Civil Remedies Regulations
BulletThe General Counsel is the Reviewing Official under these regulations, which implement the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1986, as amended, and relate to false claims and statements made to the Agency. 22 CFR 521.
Office of Government Ethics Home Page
BulletThis site contains a wide variety of information on the government-wide ethics program administered by the Office of Government Ethics.
Ethics, Conduct and Related Matters
BulletA collection of material from the 1996 Annual Government Ethics Conference, containing information on Lobbying, Frequent Flier miles, Buyout Restrictions, the "Hatch Act," Gifts and other areas of interest.

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