Check List for Applicants

In support of your application, submit the following to the General Counsel, United States Information Agency, 301-4th Street, S.W., Room 700, Washington, D.C. 20547:

1. A schedule of all the imported items to be covered (including description and value);

2. a copy of the "agreement entered into between the foreign owner or custodian thereof and the United States or one or more cultural or educational institutions within the United States providing for the temporary exhibition," a copy of the agreements with participating museums or other U.S. cultural or educational institutions, and a copy of the agreements between the foreign owner and the foreign custodian;

3. copies of all related commercial agreements between any or all of the U.S. institutions and the lender or other parties;

4. a list of places and dates of exhibition, especially the date the objects are expected to arrive in the United States(be certain to notify USIA of any changes in importation date);

5. a statement whether or not the exhibitions are to be administered, operated or sponsored without profit to the borrowing and lending institutions (even though admission and similar fees which merely cover costs are permissible, a description of all charges or preferences in admission should be provided);

6. an appraisal of the national interest issue, information why anyone might want to attach the property in the United States, and an evaluation of any such threat;

7. a scholarly statement establishing the cultural significance of the objects, and

8. facts supporting a claim that U.S. participants are cultural or educational institutions, especially a citation to the organization's current IRC 501(c)(3) determination letter.

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