22 CFR 502
World-wide Free Flow of Audio-visual Materials
Sec. 502.8
Coordination with United States Customs Service.

(a) Nothing in this part shall preclude examination of imported materials pursuant to the Customs laws and regulations of the United States as codified at 19 U.S.C. 1305 and 19 CFR 10.121, or the application of the laws and regulations governing the importation or prohibition against importation of certain materials including seditious or salacious materials as set forth at 19 U.S.C. 1305.

(b) Agency authentications of a foreign certificate for entry under HTS Item No. 9817.00.4000 will be reflected by the issuance of an Importation Document. A copy of each Importation Document issued by the Agency will be simultaneously furnished the United States Customs Service.

(c) Customs User Fee: Articles delivered by mail, which are eligible for duty-free entry under the regulations in this part are, additionally, not subjected to the standard Customs User Fee normally imposed by the United States Customs Service, provided there has been a timely filing with the appropriate United States Customs Service office of the documentation required by the regulations in this part.

59 FR 18963, No. 77, Apr. 21, 1994

SUMMARY: By this notice the Agency is adopting final regulations governing its administration of the Agreement for Facilitating the International Circulation of Visual and Auditory Materials of an Educational, Scientific and Cultural Character (Beirut Agreement of 1948). A recent decision by the United States Court of Appeals (9th Circuit) and Congressional enactment of legislation affecting the Agency's implementation of the Beirut Agreement dictate that new regulations be adopted.

EFFECTIVE DATE: These regulations will take effect upon publication.