Sec. 514.90   Fees.
(a) Remittances.  Fees prescribed within the framework of 31 U.S.C.
9701 shall be submitted as directed by the Agency and shall be in the
amount prescribed by law or regulation.  Remittances must be drawn on a
bank or other institution located in the United States and be payable to
the "united States Information Agency."  A Charge of $25.00 will be
imposed if a check in payment of a fee is not honored by the bank on which
it is drawn.  If an application is residing outside the United States at
the time of application, remittance may be made by bank international
money order of foreign draft drawn on an institution in the United States
and payable to the United States Information Agency in United States
(b) Amounts of Fees.  The following fees are prescribed: 
Request for waiver review and recommendation--$136.