Sec. 514.9   General obligations of sponsors.
(a) Adherence to agency regulations. Sponsors are required to
adhere to all regulations set forth in this part.
(b) Legal status. Sponsors shall maintain legal status. A change
in a sponsor's legal status (e.g. partnership to corporation)
shall require application for designation of the new legal
(c) Accreditation and licensure. Sponsors shall remain in
compliance with all local, state, federal, and professional
requirements necessary to carry out the activity for which they
are designated, including accreditation and licensure, if
(d) Representations and disclosures. Sponsors shall:
(1) Provide accurate and complete information, to the extent
lawfully permitted, to the Agency regarding their exchange
visitor programs and exchange visitors;
(2) Provide only accurate information to the public when
advertising their exchange visitor programs or responding to
public inquiries;
(3) Provide informational materials to prospective exchange
visitors which clearly explain the activities, costs, conditions,
and restrictions of the program;
(4) Not use program numbers on any advertising materials or
publications intended for general circulation; and
(5) Not represent that any program is endorsed, sponsored, or
supported by the Agency or the United States Government, except
for United States Government sponsors or exchange visitor
programs financed directly by the United States Government to
promote international educational exchanges.  However, sponsors
may represent that they are designated by the Agency as a
sponsor of an exchange visitor program.
e) Financial responsibility. (1) Sponsors shall maintain the
financial capability to meet at all times their financial
obligations and responsibilities attendant to successful
sponsorship of their exchange visitor programs.
(2) The Agency may require non-government sponsors to provide
evidence satisfactory to the Agency that funds necessary to
fulfill all obligations and responsibilities attendant to
sponsorship of exchange visitors are readily available and in the
sponsor's control, including such supplementary or explanatory
financial information as the Agency may deem appropriate such
as, for example, audited financial statements.
(3) The Agency may require any non-government sponsor to secure a
payment bond in favor of the Agency guaranteeing all financial
obligations arising from the sponsorship of exchange visitors.
(f) Staffing and support services. Sponsors shall ensure:
(1) Adequate staffing and sufficient support services to
administer their exchange visitor programs; and
(2) That their employees, officers, agents, and third parties
involved in the administration of their exchange visitor programs
are adequately qualified, appropriately trained, and comply with
the Exchange Visitor Program regulations.
(g) Appointment of responsible officer. (1) The sponsor shall
appoint a responsible officer and such alternate responsible
officers as may be necessary to perform the duties set forth at
Sec. 514.11.
(2) The responsible officer and alternate responsible officers
shall be employees or officers of the sponsor. The Agency may,
however, in its discretion, authorize the appointment of an
individual who is not an employee or officer to serve as an
alternate responsible officer, when approved by the sponsor.
(3) The Agency may limit the number of alternate responsible
officers appointed by the sponsor.