Sec. 514.8   General program requirements.
(a) Size of program. Sponsors, other than Federal government
agencies, shall have no less than five exchange visitors per
calendar year. The Agency may in its discretion and for good
cause shown reduce this requirement.
(b) Minimum duration of program. Sponsors, other than federal
government agencies, shall provide each exchange visitor, except
short-term scholars, with a minimum period of participation in
the United States of three weeks.
(c) Reciprocity. In the conduct of their exchange programs,
sponsors shall make a good faith effort to achieve the fullest
possible reciprocity in the exchange of persons.
(d) Cross-cultural activities. Sponsors shall:
(1) Offer or make available to exchange visitors a variety or
appropriate cross-cultural activities. The extent and types of
the cross-cultural activities shall be determined by the needs
and interests of the particular category of exchange visitor.
Sponsors will be responsible to determine the appropriate type
and number of cross-cultural programs for their exchange
visitors. The Agency encourages sponsors to give their exchange
visitors the broadest exposure to American society, culture and
institutions; and
(2) Encourage exchange visitors to voluntarily participate in
activities which are for the purpose of sharing the language,
culture, or history of their home country with Americans,
provided such activities do not delay the completion of the
exchange visitors' programs.