Sec. 514.7   Redesignation.
(a) Upon expiration of a given designation term, a sponsor may
seek redesignation for another five-year term.
(b) To apply for redesignation, a sponsor shall advise the
Exchange Visitor Program Services by letter or by so indicating
on the annual report.
(c) Request for redesignation shall be evaluated according to the
criteria set forth at Sec. 514.6(a) taking into account the
sponsor's annual reports and other documents reflecting its
record as an exchange visitor program sponsor.
(d) A sponsor seeking redesignation should notify the Agency, as
set forth in (b) of this section, no less than four months prior
to the expiration date of its designation. A sponsor seeking
redesignation may continue to operate its program(s) until such
time as the Agency notifies it of a decision to amend or
terminate its designation.