Sec. 514.5  Application procedure.
(a) Any entity meeting the eligibility requirements set forth in
Sec. 514.3 may apply to the Agency for designation as a sponsor.
Such application shall be made on Form IAP-37 ("Exchange Visitor
Program Application") and filed with the Agency's Exchange
Visitor Program Services.
(b) The application shall set forth, in detail, the applicant's
proposed exchange program activity and shall demonstrate its
prospective ability to comply with Exchange Visitor Program
(c) The application shall be signed by the chief executive
officer of the applicant and must also provide:
(1) Evidence of legal status as a corporation, partnership, or
other legal entity (e.g., charter, proof of incorporation,
partnership agreement, as applicable) and current certificate of
good standing;
(2) Evidence of financial responsibility as set forth at Sec.
(3) Evidence of accreditation if the applicant is a
post-secondary educational institution;
(4) Evidence of licensure, if required by local, state, or
federal law, to carry out the activity for which it is be
(5) Certification by the applicant (using the language set forth
in appendix A) that it and its responsible officer and alternate
responsible officers are citizens of the United States as defined
at Sec. 514.2; and
(6) Certification signed by the chief executive officer of the
applicant that the responsible officer will be provided
sufficient staff and resources to fulfill his/her duties and
obligations on behalf of the sponsor.
(d) The Agency may request any additional information and
documentation which it deems necessary to evaluate the