Sec. 514.30  Camp counselors.
(a) Introduction. In order to promote diverse opportunities for
participation in educational and cultural exchange programs, the
Agency designates exchange sponsors to facilitate the entry of
foreign nationals to serve as counselors in U.S. summer camps.
These programs promote international understanding by improving
American knowledge of foreign cultures while enabling foreign
participants to increase their knowledge of American culture. The
foreign participants are best able to carry out this objective by
serving as counselors per se, that is, having direct
responsibility for supervision of groups of American youth and of
activities that bring them into interaction with their charges.
While it is recognized that some non-counseling chores are an
essential part of camp life for all counselors, this program is
not intended to assist American camps in bringing in foreign
nationals to serve as administrative personnel, cooks, or menial
laborers, such as dishwashers or janitors.
(b) Participant eligibility. Participation in camp counselor
exchange programs is limited to foreign nationals who:
(1) Are at least 18 years of age;
(2) Are bona fide youth workers, students, teachers, or
individuals with specialized skills; and
(c) Participant selection. In addition to satisfying the
requirements in Sec. 514.10(a), sponsors shall adequately screen
all international candidates for camp counselor programs and at a
(1) Conduct an in-person interview; and
(2) Secure references from a participant's employer or teacher
regarding his or her suitability for participation in a camp
counselor exchange.
(d) Participant orientation. Sponsors shall provide participants,
prior to their departure from the home country, detailed
information regarding:
(1) Duties and responsibilities relating to their service as a
camp counselor;
(2) Contractual obligations relating to their acceptance of a
camp counselor position; and
(3) Financial compensation for their service as a camp counselor.
(e) Participant placements. Sponsors shall place eligible
participants at camping facilities which are:
(1) Accredited;
(2) A member in good standing of the American Camping
(3) Officially affiliated with a nationally recognized non-profit
organization; or
(4) Have been inspected, evaluated, and approved by the sponsor.
(f) Participant compensation. Sponsors shall ensure that
international participants receive pay and benefits commensurate
with those offered to their American counterparts.
(g) Participant supervision. Sponsors shall provide all
participants with a phone number which allows 24 hour immediate
contact with the sponsor.
(h) Program administration. Sponsors shall:
(1) Comply with all provisions set forth in subpart A of this
(2) Not facilitate the entry of any participant for a program of
more than four months duration; and
(3) Under no circumstance facilitate the entry into the United
States of a participant for whom a camp placement has not been
(i) Placement report. In lieu of listing the name and address of
the camp facility at which the participant is placed on Form
IAP-66, sponsors shall submit to the Agency, no later than July
1st of each year, a report of all participant placements. Such
report shall reflect the participant's name, camp placement, and
the number of times the participant has previously participated
in a camp counselor exchange.
(j) In order to ensure that as many different individuals as
possible are recruited for participation in camp counselor
programs, sponsors shall limit the number of participants who
have previously participated more than once in any camp counselor
exchange to not more than ten percent of the total number
of participants that the sponsor placed in the immediately
preceding year.
[58 FR 15196, Mar. 19, 1993, as amended at 59 FR 46918, Sept. 13,