Sec. 514.24  Teachers.
(a) Purpose. These regulations govern exchange visitors who teach
full-time in primary and secondary accredited educational
institutions. Programs under Sec. 514.24 promote the interchange
of American and foreign teachers in public and private schools
and the enhancement of mutual understanding between people of the
United States and other countries. They do so by providing
foreign teachers opportunities to teach in primary and
secondary accredited educational institutions in the United
States, to participate actively in cross-cultural activities with
Americans in schools and communities, and to return home
ultimately to share their experiences and their increased
knowledge of the United States. Such exchanges enable
visitors to understand better American culture, society, and
teaching practices at the primary and secondary levels, and
enhance American knowledge of foreign cultures, customs, and
teaching approaches.
(b) Designation. The Agency may, in its discretion, designate
bona fide programs satisfying the objectives in section (a) above
as exchange visitor programs in the teacher category.
(c) Visitor eligibility. A foreign national shall be eligible to
participate in an exchange visitor program as a full-time teacher
if the individual:
(1) Meets the qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary
schools in his or her country of nationality or last legal
(2) Satisfies the standards of the U.S. state in which he or she
will teach;
(3) Is of good reputation and character;
(4) Seeks to come to the United States for the purpose of
full-time teaching at a primary or secondary accredited
educational institution in the United States; and
(5) Has a minimum of three years of teaching or related
professional experience.
(d) Visitor selection. Sponsors shall adequately screen teachers
prior to accepting them for the program. Such screening, in
addition to the requirements of Sec. 514.10(a), shall include:
(1) Evaluating the qualifications of the foreign applicants to
determine whether the criteria set forth in Sec. 514.24(c) are
satisfied; and
(2) Securing references from colleagues and current or former
employers, attesting to the teachers' good reputation, character
and teaching skills.
(e) Teaching position. Prior to the issuance of the Form IAP-66,
the exchange visitor shall receive a written offer and accept in
writing of a teaching position from the primary or secondary
accredited educational institution in which he or she is to
teach. Such position shall be in compliance with any applicable
collective bargaining agreement, where one exists. The exchange
visitor's appointment to a position at a primary or secondary
accredited educational institution shall be temporary, even if
the teaching position is permanent.
(f) Program disclosure. Before the program begins, the sponsor
shall provide the teacher, in addition to what is required in
Sec. 514.10(b), with:
(1) Information on the length and location(s) of his or her
exchange visitor program;
(2) A summary of the significant components of the program,
including a written statement of the teaching requirements and
related professional obligations; and
(3) A written statement which clearly states the compensation, if
any, to be paid to the teacher and any other financial
arrangements in regards to the exchange visitor program.
(g) Location of the exchange. The teacher shall participate in an
exchange visitor program at the primary or secondary accredited
educational institution(s) listed on his or her Form IAP-66 and
at locations where the institution(s) are involved in official
school activities (e.g., school field trips and teacher training
(h) Duration of participation. The teacher shall be authorized to
participate in the Exchange Visitor Program for the length of
time necessary to complete the program, which shall not exceed
three years.