Sec. 514.21   Short-term scholars.
(a) Introduction. These regulations govern scholars coming to the
United States for a period of up to four months to lecture,
observe, consult, and to participate in seminars, workshops,
conferences, study tours, professional meetings, or similar types
of educational and professional activities.
(b) Purpose. The Exchange Visitor Program promotes the
interchange of knowledge and skills among foreign and American
scholars. It does so by providing foreign scholars the
opportunity to exchange ideas with their American colleagues,
participate in educational and professional programs, confer on
common problems and projects, and promote professional
relationships and communications.
(c) Designation. The Agency may, in its sole discretion,
designate bona fide programs which offer foreign nationals the
opportunity to engage in short-term visits for the purpose of
lecturing, observing, consulting, training, or demonstrating
special skills at research institutions, museums, libraries,
post-secondary accredited educational institutions, or
similar types of institutions.
 (d) Visitor eligibility. A person participating in the Exchange
Visitor Program under this section shall satisfy the definition
of a short-term scholar as set forth in Sec. 514.4.
(e) Cross-cultural activities and orientation. Due to the nature
of such exchanges, sponsors of programs for short-term scholars
shall be exempted from the requirements of providing
cross-cultural activities and orientation as set forth in Sec.
514.8(d) and Sec. 514.10(c). However, sponsors are encouraged to
provide such programs for short-term scholars whenever
(f) Location of exchange. The short-term scholar shall participate 
in the Exchange Visitor Program at the conferences, workshops, 
seminars, or other events or activities stated on his or her Form IAP-
66. A participant may also lecture or consult at institutions not 
listed on the Form IAP-66 if his or her Responsible Officer issues a 
written authorization of such activity. Such written authorization must 
be attached to the participant's Form IAP-66.
(g) Duration of participation. The short-term scholar shall
be authorized to participate in the Exchange Visitor Program for
the length of time necessary to complete the program, which time
shall not exceed six months. Programs under this section are
exempted from  Sec. 514.8(b) governing the minimum duration of a
program. Extensions beyond the duration of participation are not
permitted under this category.

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