Sec. 514.15   Annual reports.
Sponsors shall submit an annual report to the Agency. An
illustrative form of such report may be found at Appendix D to
this part. Such report shall be filed on an academic or calendar
year basis, as directed by the Agency, and shall contain the
(a) Program report and evaluation. A brief summary of the
activities in which exchange visitors were engaged, including an
evaluation of program effectiveness;
(b) Reciprocity. A description of the nature and extent of
reciprocity occurring in the sponsor's exchange visitor program
during the reporting year;
(c) Cross-cultural activities. A summary of the cross-cultural
activities provided for its exchange visitors during the
reporting year;
(d) Proof of insurance. Certification of compliance with
insurance coverage requirements set forth in Sec. 514.14.
(e) Form IAP-66 usage. A report of Form IAP-66 usage during the
reporting year setting forth the following information:
(1) The total number of blank Forms IAP-66 received from the
Agency during the reporting year;
(2) The total number of Forms IAP-66 voided or destroyed by the
sponsor during the reporting year and the document numbers of
such forms;
(3) The total number of Forms IAP-66 issued to potential exchange
visitors that were returned to the sponsor or not used for entry
into the United States; and
(4) The total number and document identification number sequence
of all blank Forms IAP-66 in the possession of the sponsor on the
date of the report.
(f) Program participation. A numerical count, by category, of all
exchange visitors participating in the sponsor's program for the
reporting year.
(g) Redesignation. Sponsors may indicate their desire for
redesignation, pursuant to Sec. 514.7, by marking the appropriate
box on their annual report.