Sec. 514.13  Notification requirements.
(a) Change of circumstances. Sponsors shall notify the Agency
promptly in writing of any of the following circumstances:
(1) Change of its address, telephone, or facsimile number;
(2) Change in the composition of the sponsoring organization
which affects its citizenship as defined by Sec. 514.2;
(3) Change of the responsible officer or alternate responsible
(4) A major change of ownership or control of the sponsor's
(5) Change in financial circumstances which may render the
sponsor unable to comply with its obligations as set forth in
Sec. 512.9(e);
(6) Loss of licensure or accreditation;
(7) Loss or theft of Forms IAP-66 as specified at Sec.
(8) Litigation related to the sponsor's exchange visitor program,
when the sponsor is a party; and
(9) Termination of its exchange visitor program.
(b) Serious problem or controversy. Sponsors shall inform the
Agency promptly by telephone (confirmed promptly in writing) or
facsimile of any serious problem or controversy which could be
expected to bring the Agency or the sponsor's exchange visitor
program into notoriety or disrepute.
(c) Program status of exchange visitor. Sponsors shall notify the
Agency in writing when:
(1) The exchange visitor has withdrawn from or completed a
program thirty (30) or more days prior to the ending date on his
or her Form IAP-66; or
(2) The exchange visitor has been terminated from his or her