Sec. 514.12   Control of Forms IAP-66.
Forms IAP-66 shall be used only for authorized purposes. To
maintain adequate control of Forms IAP-66, responsible officers
or alternate responsible officers shall:
(a) Requests. Submit written requests to the Agency for a
one-year supply of Forms IAP-66, and allow four to six weeks for
the distribution of these forms. The Agency has the discretion to
determine the number of Forms IAP-66 to be sent to a sponsor. The
Agency will take into consideration the current size of the
program and the projected expansion of the program in the coming
12 months. If requested, the Agency will consult with the
responsible officer prior to determining the number of Forms
IAP-66 to be sent to the sponsor.  Additional forms may be
requested later in the year if needed by the sponsor.
(b) Verification. Prior to issuing Form IAP-66, verify that the
exchange visitor:
(1) Is eligible, qualified, and accepted for the program in which
he or she will be participating;
(2) Possesses adequate financial resources to complete his or her
program; and
(3) Possesses adequate financial resources to support any
accompanying dependents.
(c) Issuance of Form IAP-66. Issue the Form IAP-66 only so as to:
(1) Facilitate the entry of a new participant of the exchange
visitor program;
(2) Extend the stay of an exchange visitor;
(3) Facilitate program transfer;
(4) Replace a lost or stolen Form IAP-66;
(5) Facilitate entry of an exchange visitor's alien spouse or
minor unmarried children into the United States separately;
(6) Facilitate re-entry of an exchange visitor who is traveling
outside the United States during the program;
(7) Facilitate a change of category when permitted by the Agency;
8) Update information when significant changes take place in
regard to the exchange visitor's program, such as a substantial
change in funding or in the location where the program will take
(d) Safeguards. (1) Store Forms IAP-66 securely to prevent
unauthorized use;
(2) Prohibit transfer of any blank Form IAP-66 to another sponsor
or other person unless authorized in writing (by letter or
facsimile) by the Agency to do so;
(3) Notify the Agency promptly by telephone (confirmed promptly
in writing) or facsimile of the document number of any completed
Form IAP-66 that is presumed lost or stolen or any blank Form
IAP-66 lost or stolen; and
(4) Forward the completed Form IAP-66 only to an exchange
visitor, either directly or via an employee, officer, or agent of
the sponsor, or to an individual designated by the exchange
(e) Accounting. (1) Maintain a record of all Forms IAP-66
received and/or issued by the sponsor;
(2) Destroy damaged and unusable Form IAP-66 on the sponsor's
premises after making a record of such forms (e.g. forms with
errors or forms damaged by a printer); and
(3) Request exchange visitors and prospective exchange visitors
to return any unused Form IAP-66 sent to them and make a record
of Forms IAP-66 which are returned to the sponsor and destroy
them on the sponsor's premises.