Sec. 514.11   Duties of responsible officers.
Responsible officers shall train and supervise alternate
responsible officers. Responsible officers and alternate
responsible officers shall:
(a) Knowledge of regulations and codebook. Be thoroughly familiar
with the Exchange Visitor Program regulations and the Agency's
current Codebook and Instructions for Responsible Officers.
(b) Advisement and assistance. Ensure that the exchange visitor
obtains sufficient advice and assistance to facilitate the
successful completion of the exchange visitor's program.
(c) Communications. Conduct the official communications relating
to the exchange visitor program with the Agency, the United
States Immigration and Naturalization Service, or the United
States Department of State.  Reference to the sponsor's program
number shall be made on any correspondence with the Agency.
(d) Custody of the Form IAP-66. Act as custodian for the control,
issuance, and distribution of Forms IAP-66 as set forth in Sec.