Sec. 514.10   Program administration.
Sponsors are responsible for the effective administration of
their exchange visitor programs. These responsibilities include:
(a) Selection of exchange visitors. Sponsors shall provide a
system to screen and select prospective exchange visitors to
ensure that they are eligible for program participation, and
(1) The program is suitable to the exchange visitor's background,
needs, nd experience; and
(2) The exchange visitor possesses sufficient proficiency in the
English anguage to participate in his or her program.
(b) Pre-arrival information. Sponsors shall provide exchange
visitors with pe-arrival materials including, but not limited to,
information on:
(1) The purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program;
(2) Home-country physical presence requirement;
(3) Travel and entry into the United States;
(4) Housing;
(5) Fees payable to the sponsor;
(6) Other costs that the exchange visitor will likely incur
(e.g., living expenses) while in the United States;
(7) Health care and insurance; and
(8) Other information which will assist exchange visitors to
prepare for their stay in the United States.
(c) Orientation. Sponsors shall offer appropriate orientation for
all exchange visitors. Sponsors are encouraged to provide
orientation for the exchange visitor's immediate family,
especially those who are expected to be in the United States for
more than one year. Orientation shall include, but not be limited
to, information concerning:
(1) Life and customs in the United States;
(2) Local community resources (e.g., public transportation,
medical centers, schools, libraries, recreation centers, and
banks), to the extent possible;
(3) Available health care, emergency assistance, and insurance
(4) A description of the program in which the exchange visitor is
(5) Rules that the exchange visitors are required to follow under
the sponsor's program;
(6) Address of the sponsor and the name and telephone number of
the responsible officer; and
(7) Address and telephone number of the Exchange Visitor Program
Services of the Agency and a copy of the Exchange Visitor Program
brochure outlining the regulations relevant to the exchange
(d) Form IAP-66. Sponsors shall ensure that only the responsible
officer or alternate responsible officers issue Forms IAP-66;
(e) Monitoring of exchange visitors. Sponsors shall monitor,
through employees, officers, agents, or third parties, the
exchange visitors participating in their programs. Sponsors
(1) Ensure that the activity in which the exchange visitor is
engaged is consistent with the category and activity listed on
the exchange visitor's Form IAP-66;
(2) Monitor the progress and welfare of the exchange visitor to
the extent appropriate for the category; and
(3) Require the exchange visitor to keep the sponsor apprised of
his or her address and telephone number, and maintain such
(f) Requests by the agency. Sponsors shall, to the extent
lawfully permitted, furnish to the Agency within a reasonable
time all information, reports, documents, books, files, and other
records requested by the Agency on all matters related to their
exchange visitor programs.
(g) Inquiries and investigations. Sponsors shall cooperate with
any inquiry or investigation that may be undertaken by the
(h) Retention of records. Sponsors shall retain all records
related to their exchange visitor program and exchange visitors
for a minimum of three years.