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Peace Education Volume


This volume of the Forumís electronic journal Language and Civil Society offers tasks and activities related to Peace Education through content-based lessons. It is the goal of Peace Education to help students develop peacemaking skills to better cope with conflict in their daily lives and to promote peace in the world today. The ten chapters in this volume focus on topics such as conflict resolution, "non-violent" language, and cross-cultural understanding. Motivated by the excitement of using their English language skills to solve real-world problems, students will be engaged, observant, and active learners.

The primary author for this volume is Dr. Carolyn Duffy. Carolyn Duffy is the Director of the ESL Department at St. Michael's College in Vermont. She was the director of the TESOL Summer Institute at St. Michael's College which focused on Peace Education.

Now available in the Peace Education volume are:

  • The Introduction (4/99)

Coming soon:

  • Chapter 1


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