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Environmental Education Volume

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Chapter 1

Endangered Species

Internet Resources

These links were chosen for their educational value and do not necessarily reflect the view of the author, or the United States Information Agency.

Classroom Activities and Lessons

Pre-fabricated lesson plans and activities intended for classroom use; can be adapted for different age groups and language proficiency levels:

Materials with Explicit Suggestions for Classroom Use

    Bagheera's In the Wild: General Activities for Students
    A selection of 40 activities that apply generally to threatened, endangered, and extinct species. Many involve the use of case studies. Some require students to do independent research. A large bibliography provides references to get students started on research.
    English Naturally

    A guide for teaching English through projects in the natural environment. Includes a list of suggested projects and a set of
    guidelines for developing and carrying them out.

Exploitable Content

Content to create theme-related lessons:

Official Documents

To provide background information and create materials:


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