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Language and Civil Society

A Forum Electronic Journal

Published by the English Language Programs Division, United States Information Agency

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Language & Civil Society

This electronic journal is comprised of different volumes, each of which contains content-rich material for language instruction. The content in each volume is related to some aspect of building or maintaining a Civil Society, topics that affect students' personal professional lives on a daily basis. It is hoped that in using this content and working through the suggested activities, instructors and students will work toward a greater awareness and understanding of a global civic society as the students improve their communicative competence in English.

The first four volumes of the electronic journal will consist of Civic Education, Peace Education, Environmental Education, and Business Ethics. Each volume will contain an introduction and ten chapters. Each chapter will contain background information on a specific issue, classroom-ready activities related to the issue, and references to more resources for teachers to go to for more information or for design their own activities.

The lead author for each volume is a highly respected professional and author in the field of teaching English as a foreign or second language. On the opening page of each volume is a brief biographical statement of the author. The lead authors may ask other professionals from specifically related fields to cooperate with them on selected chapters.

The introduction to each volume is now available. Chapters for each volume will be put online at different times. Please check this site to see when the chapter you want will be available. The following table will be filled in as the individual chapters come online.

Civic Education Peace Education Environmental Education Business Ethics

The following chapters are now online (date entered)

Introduction (4/99) Introduction (4/99) Introduction (4/99) Introduction (4/99)
Chapter 1
  Chapter 1

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