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Business Ethics Volume



This volume in the English Teaching Forum's electronic journal: Language and Civil Society, is devoted to Business Ethics. Some business practices traverse national and cultural boundaries. Others do not. In this volume, we will begin with a primary emphasis on business ethics as it relates to human rights, fairness, and justice. With a content-based language teaching approach, the materials presented in this volume will help English language teachers around the world who want to teach English for business ethics. The volume contains ten chapters. The chapters provide teachers summaries of information on business ethics and materials for use in classes and tutorials. Each chapter contains the following critical elements: accurate and helpful information about business ethics, useful activities (with handouts, overhead transparencies, and readings), a list of resources (on-line and others) to assist teachers, and finally, references for the information and materials used in the chapter.

The primary author for this volume is Dr. Liz England.

Liz England is Associate Professor of Intensive English and Coordinator for the Center of English as a Second Language at Marymount University, Arlington, VA. She has published and presented at conferences internationally - a textbook and several articles in a variety of specialty areas including ESP, professional development and ESP teacher education. She has managed a national curriculum revision project, supervised and taught ESL and EFL teachers at both the graduate and undergraduate level, has done teacher education workshops, presentations and short-term teacher training projects in the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Germany, Kuwait, Mexico, Senegal and Venezuela.


Table of Contents
Civic Education Volume

  • Chapter 1: Principles of Business Ethics - An International Perspective
  • Chapter 2: Business Education - Ethical Principles and New Professionals
  • Chapter 3: Ethical Decision Making at Work - Leadership and Integrity
  • Chapter 4: Whistleblowing - Alerting Management to Unethical Practices
  • Chapter 5: Socially Responsible Business - Doing the Right Thing
  • Chapter 6: Mass Communications and Ethics - Television
  • Chapter 7: Quality Standards and Ethics
  • Chapter 8: Ethical Investing - Put Your Ethics Where Your Money Is Chapter
  • Chapter 9: Intellectual Property - Yours, Mine and Ours
  • Chapter 10: Marketing with a Conscience - Sales and Ethics

Note: As chapters go online, we will include the date and a link to the chapter.



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