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The full April 1999 issue of the English Teaching Forum is a file far too large to be easily downloaded. Instead, you may download all articles individually.  Below is the table of contents from the April, 1999 issue. With each article, we have included the size of each file. The time that it takes you to download will depend on the speed of your modem and your internet connection; please make note of this before beginning to download an article.

You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view these files. If this program is not currently installed on your computer, you can download it for free.

Download Acrobat Reader 4.0


English Teaching Forum -- April, 1999

Table of Contents

2 Improving Reading Speed: Activities for the Classroom
Neil J. Anderson
Size: 338 Kb

6 Using L1 in the L2 Classroom
C. William Schweers, Jr.
Size: 337 Kb

10 Teacher-Talk: A Sociolinguistic Variable
Deborah Osborne
Size: 303 Kb

14 C A M E R O O N
Songs as a Magic Tonic
Ignatius N. Sibarah
Size: 328 Kb

15 C H I N A
Actively Involving Students in Listening
Jiang Jingyi and Yang Ying
Size: 398 Kb

17 C U B A
Motivating EFL Learners
Ignacio López Corría
Size: 334 Kb

18 I N D I A
Amirullah Khan
Size: 301 Kb

20 I R A N
Effective Questions
M. R. Talebinezahd
Size: 268 Kb

21 U N I T E D A R A B E M I R A T E S (U A E )
Learner-Centered Listening Assessment
Christine Coombe and Jon Kinney
Size: 311 Kb

24 U N I T E D S T A T E S
Eliciting Student-Talk
Michael E. Rudder
Size: 268 Kb

25 U N I T E D S T A T E S
Grammar Notebooks as Learning Tools
W. Browder Swetnam
Size: 267 Kb

27 U N I T E D S T A T E S
Oh, the Tales You’ll Tell
Kim Hughes Wilhelm and Tom Hughes Wilhelm
Size: 269 Kb

29 Online Resources
Size: 516 Kb

30 Online Letters
Size: 1,073 Kb

32 GLOBE- Complete section
Kamelia Hegazy and Magda Barsoum
Size: 10,548 Kb

The complete GLOBE (above) is a large file, therefore, it has been split into 4 different sections for easier downloads.

Size: 1,681 Kb

The Program/International Partnerships
Size: 4,276 Kb

Partner Countries- Egypt
Size: 1,324 Kb

General Activities/Selecting Your GLOBE Study Site
Size: 2,878 Kb 

44 Earthly Phrases
Size: 3,499 Kb

46 The Keys to a Civil Society
Damon Anderson
Size: 8,716 Kb

54 Teacher Resources
Size: 4,313 Kb

56 The Lighter Side
Size: 269 Kb

Countdown to the Millennium (inside back cover)
Size: 5,979 Kb


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