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The following Requests For Proposals (RFPs) have been published in the Federal Register, and will remain on this site until the closing dates. This site is updated whenever an RFP opens or closes. Please read each RFP for the closing date and other information for proposal preparation. If you have questions, staff contact information may be found in the text of each RFP.
To obtain the complete RFP solicitation package, look for these documents:

(1) RFP - Highlights key program components, proposal guidelines, and information about the projected time sequence for awards, including proposal submission due date.

(2) Proposal Submission Instructions (PSI) - A required component of all Bureau solicitations. The PSI contains standard Bureau guidelines, technical instructions, and required certifications/forms to be returned as part of the proposal submission.
(3) Program Objective, Goals, and Implementation (POGI) -Elaborates on the program guidelines outlined in the RFP, providing more specifics to assist in program development. Normally, Bureau solicitations include a POGI; however, in some cases, the program office may have included complete program details in the RFP and did not prepare a POGI. Those interested in submitting a proposal must ensure that all parts of the Solicitation Package have been obtained before beginning work on
the proposal.

Solicitation Packages may be downloaded from this website, received via the Bureau's Grants Information Fax on Demand System, which is accessed by calling 202/401-7616, (your first order should be the "Table of Contents" containing available document order numbers) or requested from the Program Officer listed in each RFP.


Current Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  1. Exchanges and Training Programs for the New Independent States: Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan RFP
  2. Media Internship Program for Russia RFP
  3. Civic Education Curriculum Development and Teacher Training Program for Secondary Schools in Georgia RFP / POGI
  4. NIS College and University Partnerships Program (NISCUPP) RFP / POGI
  5. The FREEDOM Support Act/Future Leaders Exchange (FSA/FLEX) Program; Inbound, NIS Secondary School Initiative RFP / POGI
  6. College and University Affiliations Program RFP / POGI
  7. International Education and Cultural Activities - Open Grant Program RFP
  8. Summer Institutes in American Studies for Foreign University Teachers RFP

    Summer Institute on the U.S. Political System: Origin, Structure and Contemporary Issues POGI

    Summer Institute on the Cultural Geography of the United States: American Regions POGI

    Summer Institute on the United States Through Literature: Content and Method in American Studies POGI

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Proposal Submission Instructions (PSI) - The PSI is a required part of every RFP solicitation package and has been prepared using Adobe Acrobat. You may download Adobe Acrobat for free if necessary.
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