USIA International Visitor Program

Terms and Abbreviations

The United States Information Agency (USIA) is an independent, federal foreign affairs agency promoting U.S. national interests abroad through a wide range of information, educational and cultural programs. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs within USIA is responsible for a variety of programs mandated by the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 -- The Fulbright-Hays Act. Under this authority, the Bureau develops, administers, encourages and supports activities to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries.

The Office of International Visitors, within the Bureau, develops and administers the International Visitor Program. The following divisions and branches of the Office are responsible for programming International Visitors (IVs).

E -- Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

E/V -- Office of International Visitors

  • E/VG -- Grant Programs Division
    • E/VGA -- Africa Branch
    • E/VGE -- Europe and the Former Soviet Union Branch
    • E/VGF -- East Asia and Pacific Branch
    • E/VGN -- North Africa, Near East and South Asia Branch
    • E/VGR -- American Republics Branch

  • E/VC -- Community Relations Division
    • E/VCP -- Program Resources Branch
    • E/VCN -- New York Reception Center

  • E/VF -- Voluntary Visitors Division
    • E/VFA -- American Republics, East Asia, North Africa, Near East and South Asia Branch
    • E/VFE -- Africa, Europe, and the Former Soviet Union Branch

  • E/VP -- Group Projects Division

NCIV -- National Council for International Visitors
A national network of private voluntary and community-based organizations that create professional and hospitality opportunities for International Visitors.

Local Sponsor:
Any local organization which creates professional and hospitality opportunities for International Visitors in coordination with the Office of International Visitors. (For more information about these agencies and their addresses please see the document titled "Council for International Visitors (CIVs)" this section.)

CIV -- Council for International Visitors
A number of the local sponsors use this name, e.g., Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors.

Sending Agency:
The national organization arranging broad U.S. programs for USIA's International Visitor Program. These agencies include:
  • AAI -- African-American Institute
  • ACILS -- The American Center for International Labor Solidarity
  • AED -- Academy for Educational Development
  • DI -- Delphi International
  • IIE -- Institute of International Education
  • MCID -- Mississippi Consortium for International Development
  • MIC -- Meridian International Center
  • PSF -- Phelps-Stokes Fund

    (For more information and the addresses of these agencies, please refer to "The International Visitor Program")

  • Other Pertinent Terms:
  • E/I -- Escort Interpreter
  • ELEO -- English Language Escort Officer
  • ITT -- Individuals Travelling Together
  • IV -- USIA's International Visitor
  • IVP -- USIA's International Visitor Program
  • L/S -- Language Services Division, U.S. Department of State
  • MRP -- Multi-Regional Project
  • RP -- Regional Project
      [AF=Africa, AR=American Republics, EA=East Asia/Pacific, EU=Europe, NEA=North Africa/ Near East/South Asia]
  • SCP -- Single-Country Project

  • For more information on the International Visitor Program, please contact the office at
    (800) 827-0804.

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    On October 1, 1999, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs will become part of the
    U.S. Department of State. Bureau webpages are being updated accordingly. Thank you for your patience.