USIA International Visitor Program

International Visitor Projects

The International Visitor Program includes individual and group projects. Individual Projects are tailored for the visitor's professional interests. Group Projects are designed before the visitors arrive in the United States and focus on the common professional interests of the group. Whenever a group travels throughout the United States it is accompanied by professional escort-interpreters.

All International Visitor projects are designed to present diverse experiences and discussion topics for their participants. USIA desires participation in this program to be a lively and stimulating learning experience. The emphasis is not only on professionally-oriented meetings. It is an important aspect of the program for the visitors to gain an appreciation not only of the geographic size and variety of the U.S., but also its ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic diversity.

Project Development

  • Projects for Individual Grantees

  • Projects for Groups of Grantees

  • Projects for Voluntary Visitors

    There are three general types of Group Projects:

  • Multi-Regional Projects (MRPs)
    are conducted for English-speaking visitors from all countries of the world and are designed around themes of global interest.

  • Regional Projects (RPs)
    tend to focus on topics of specific interest to one geographic region. They may be conducted in English or in a foreign language such as French, Spanish, or Arabic.

  • Single Country/Small Group Projects
    focus on topics of concern to a particular country or small number of countries such as a sub-regional grouping.

  • Themes for Group Projects:

    Themes which are frequently explored in Group Projects are focused on the way in which the topic is addressed in the United States and include the following:

    For more information about these programs, please contact the Group Projects Division, International Visitor Program at 1-800-650-9822.

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