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Teacher Resource Materials in English as a Foreign Language from the U.S. Information Service

Teaching Techniques

Bright Ideas: A Teacher's Resource Manual
Anna Maria Malkoc and Ruth Montalvan, editors

  • methodology
  • listening/speaking/reading/writing
The twenty-six practical teaching strategies and techniques originally appeared in Ideas Plus, a special ongoing series of publications of the National Council of Teachers of English. The contributions come from instructors of English in elementary, junior, and senior high schools and colleges throughout the US. Text 64 pp

Creative Classroom Activities
Thomas Kral, Editor
  • applied linguistics
  • methodology
The second of a two-volume anthology of articles from the English Teaching Forum, 1989 - 1993, Creative Classroom Activities is practical in nature focusing upon teaching techniques and classroom materials developed by teachers around the world. The articles are divided into the following categories: Activating Communication; Developing Materials, Teaching Reading; Teaching Writing; and Teaching Literature.Text 168 pp

Effective Techniques for English Conversation Groups
Julia M. Dobson
  • methodology
  • speaking
A reprint of the popular 1974 commercial edition, this practical methodology textbook is designed to provide both new and experienced EFL teachers with a wealth of tried-and-true techniques for stimulating conversation. Assumes students already have a basic command of English. Bibliography, lists of special expressions, and detailed index appended. Text 137 pp

From Practice to Performance, Volumes One and Two
Richard Murphy
  • classroom techniques
  • workshop procedures
This book, subtitled "A manual of teacher training workshop activities," is designed to be used by trainers and participants in teacher training sessions preparing teacher in English as a foreign language.The book is designed to give workshop leaders ample direction and focus to a variety of techniques, without an emphasis on one approach or method. Volume two is now available. Text 154pp.

Functional Approaches to Written Text
Edited by Tom Miller
  • applied linguistics
  • methodology
This book attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice in applying discourse analysis in the classroom. Leaders in the field introduce 18 approaches to discourse analysis, apply the approach to a sample text, and provide classroom suggestions. Chapters include applications of contrastive rhetoric, pedagogical summaries, information transfer, critical discourse analysis, hedging, the voices of discourse, concordancing, genre analysis, and various functional approaches to grammar such as functional sentence perspective and systemic linguistics. Sufficient sources are provided for those who wish to pursue reading in a particular area, while enough examples of approaches are given so that readers can decide for themselves which methods warrant further consideration. This book is a useful addition for teachers looking for applications of recent research in discourse analysis. Text 288pp.

The Lighter Side of TEFL
Thomas Kral, editor
  • methodology, reference
  • integrated skills
A collection of activities taken from "The Lighter Side" page of the English Teaching Forum and an audiocassette featuring humorous short pieces for listening comprehension. Sections deal with word games, crossword puzzles, idioms, limericks, jokes and riddles, puzzle stories, shaggy dog stories and international folk tales. Each activity is self-contained on a page for easy duplication by the teacher, and includes teaching suggestions and an answer key.
Text 135 pp; Audiocassette.

Teacher Development: Making the Right Moves
Thomas Kral, Editor
  • applied linguistics
  • methodology
This is the first of a two-volume anthology of articles from the English Teaching Forum, 1989-1993. Academic both in content and style, Making the Right Moves presents a broad range of approaches to language study and teaching and provides a basis for reflection on the teacher's role in facilitating the learning of English. Subject areas covered in this anthology include: Perspectives on Teaching and Learning EFL; Methodology, English for Specific Purposes; Teaching Children; and Testing. Text 278 pp.

Varieties of American English: A Teacher's Handbook
Dennis Preston and Roger Shuy
  • methodology
  • dialects
This teacher's manual is intended to supplement the three-part videocassette series Varieties of American English, which consists of Regional Dialects, Social and Specialized Groups, and Stylistic Differences. The authors discuss in greater detail the content of the video presentations, and provide suggestions to the teacher for further classroom discussion and study. Prepared primarily for use in teacher-training seminars and workshops, or as introductory material for dialect studies in American English.
Text 36 pp; audiocassette; set of 3 videocassettes.

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