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Teacher Resource Materials in English as a Foreign Language from the U.S. Information Service

Teacher Reference Materials

Landmarks of American Language & Linguistics, Volume 1
Frank Smolinski, editor

  • theoretical/applied linguistics
  • methodology
A collection of 27 articles on theoretical and applied linguistics written by noted American linguists and teacher trainers. Volume 1 covers the period from the early twentieth century to the 1960's. Each article is followed by discussion questions and professional development activities. The text is most useful for university linguistic classes and teacher-training courses. Text 266 pp.

Teacher's Guide and Glossary to the United States Constitution
Charles Seifert, editor
  • vocabulary
  • history
Primarily intended for teachers who want to familiarize themselves with the terminology and concepts of the United States Constitution. The booklet includes a copy of the Constitution and its amendments, a glossary of words not likely to be found in a typical English dictionary, and a reprint of an illustrated article from Scholastic Update entitled Why Other Nations Copy the U.S. Constitution (1986). Text 36 pp.

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