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Teacher Resource Materials in English as a Foreign Language from the U.S. Information Service


Susan Weaver

  • visual aid
  • beginning/intermediate/advanced
  • conversation/discussion
FotoFile is a collection of 24 black and white photographs showing active people and interesting places. The photographs are intended to stimulate and motivate students in conversation activities. The large format of the photographs (17 inches by 11 inches) makes them useful in large classes. The durability of the cards permits the students to handle them in small groups. Folder, 24 photographs

From Sea to Shining Sea
Dean Curry, editor
  • visual aid
  • geography
  • culture
A collection of twenty 9 inch by 12 inch full-color photographs vividly depicting scenes from different geographical regions of the U.S. Each photograph contains a quotation by an important American literary figure associated with the scene. These mini-posters add bright, appealing color to the classroom as well as providing discussion starters based on the photographs and their quotations. Folder, 20 photographs

Scenically Yours, USA
Dean Curry
  • visual aid
  • geography
  • culture
A collection of thirty-five 10 inch by 13 inch color photos representing selected geographical areas and well-known sights. Some scenes carry quotations from famous American literary figures. Map of the USA included. Folder, 35 photographs

U.S. Historical Wall Maps
  • visual aid
  • intermediate/advanced
  • geography
  • history
This collection of five full-sized poster maps provides the teacher with colorful and meaningful maps of the United States, attractive enough for permanent placement on classroom walls. The five maps include: A map of the U.S. showing the principal explorers; a poster showing the growth of the U.S., based on territorial expansions; a map of early American Indian (Native Americans) tribes; a map (actually a photograph of an antique print) of the Original 13 Colonies in 1783; and a map of the present United States. Each map measures 21" X 34" (47 cm X 76.5 cm). Set of five maps, rolled.

You See America
Louise Huston Massoud
  • visual aid
  • geography
  • culture
A collection of thirty-six 10 inch by 14 inch mini-posters in full color, plus a U.S. map (20 inches x 26 inches), designed to add color and cultural enrichment to the EFL language lessons. The quotations of American literary figures, statesmen, architects, sculptors, musicians, naturalists, educators, and explorers printed on each photograph, together with the scenes depicted, stimulate oral discussion and topics for writing practice. Folder, 36 photographs

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