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Online Materials in English as a Foreign Language

The U.S. Information Agency's English Language Programs Division is pleased to provide Internet  users outside the U.S. with this small but growing collection of WWW materials from our catalog of traditional print materials. These pages may be freely copied and distributed.  By law, The printed versions may not be distributed within the United States; they are distributed only by USIS offices, and not all offices can be expected to distribute these materials.

Functional Approaches to Written Text: Classroom Applications:

Waves of Abstraction: Organizing Exposition 
by J.R. Martin
What can it mean when a student is told "tell readers what you are going to say; say it; and then tell them what you have said." This chapter looks at the linguistics aspects of organizing information, and presents a valuable perspective for the teacher of English composition.

Rhetorical Models of Understanding 
by Claire Kramsch
This chapter illustrates to the classroom teacher how meaning is a rhetorical as well as a cognitive task, and demonstrates to teachers what students bring to the task of writing.

From Celebrate!
Martin Luther King Holiday
Celebrate! is a high-intermediate/advanced level EFL reader on American holidays and the ways that they are commemorated. This version for the WWW has glossary links for students learn from, as well as links to outside websites on one of the most significant Americans in this century.

Civic Education Lesson Plans
From a USIA Online Workshop for teacher trainers, this collection of materials gives teachers the chance to use English when discussing the realities of a Civil Society -- repecting rights, the cost of free speech, and perceptions of right and wrong. 

Dictation Updated - for Teacher Trainers
This is from a 17-page handout that was originally written by English Language Officer Ruth Montalvan. It provides materials for teacher trainers conducting a workshop on teaching techniques in the use of dictation. 

The Great Preposition Mystery by Lin Lougheed
From one of the USIA's all time, best-selling titles, this is the first chapter of the student book that gives students readings and practice in meaningful context. Learn more about the printed version in our catalog.

More materials are forthcoming, including the English Teaching Forum Online, so bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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