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Classroom Textbooks in English as a Foreign Language from the U.S. Information Service

Grammar and Idioms


Changing Times, Changing Tenses
Patricia Wilcox Peterson
  • beginning/intermediate
  • speaking/reading/writing
  • grammar
One of USIA's most popular EFL textbooks, this supplementary text reviews and clarifies special aspects of the English tense system. The vocabulary of the book is based on the 1000-word level. Time lines, challenging reading passages, lively exercises, and illustrations are included in each of the ten chapters.
Text 156 pp.; audiocassette

The Great Preposition Mystery
(Revised Edition) Lin Lougheed

  • intermediate/advanced
  • reading
  • grammar
Using a mystery story as the vehicle, this thoroughly revised edition of The Great Preposition Mystery provides an interesting treatment of the study and review of preposition usage within a contextual setting. Challenging cloze passages, fill-in-the-blanks, and other problem-solving activities are based on the story line, on the photographs, and on other graphics that illustrate the context. Many exercises may be used separately to supplement other textbook lessons. Answer keys are appended. Text 80pp

Reference Guide to English
Alice Maclin

  • intermediate/advanced
  • grammar
This handy reference can explain virtually any point of grammar for the non-native speaker. Material is presented by alphabetical listing by topic for easy reference. Materials are presented in a graded format, working up to the more difficult levels of complexity. It is comprehensive in nature, and written for the non-native speaker, using traditional approaches to grammar. The primary focus is on the written form of American English, although explanations of colloquial forms are common throughout. With index. text 404 pp


Illustrated American Idioms
Dean Curry
  • advanced
  • speaking/reading
  • idioms
A collection of 99 idiomatic expressions, each based on an accompanying illustration. The pedagogic approach is functional/notional, and the expressions in context may be used effectively for generating oral and written language practice. text 99 pp

Something to Crow About: A Concise Collection of American English Idioms for Everyday Use

  • intermediate/advanced
  • dictionary
  • reference
  • idioms
Something to Crow About has more than 800 idioms in a dictionary format with definitions and contextual situations. As appropriate, there are xplanatory notes which may include information on the origin of the expression, grammatical restrictions, subtle connotations of meaning, synonyms, anotnyms, similar expressions, related exrpressions, and expressions for comparison. Indexed and cross-referenced. Text 94 pp.

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