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Classroom Textbooks in English as a Foreign Language from the U.S. Information Service

English for Specific Purposes

Economic Considerations
Thomas Kral

  • advanced
  • integrated skills
  • ESP, Economics
Intended as a supplementary text for EFL courses in Business English, this text combines the content of market economics with language enhancement activities. Collaborating with a partner and frequently interpreting graphs and tables, students are asked to find solutions for a variety of problem situations set forth in case studies and business-related reading selections. Adapted from the Junior Achievement textbook Applied Economics. Text 135 pp.

How About: Science and Technology Reports
Ruth Montalvan, editor
  • intermediate/advanced
  • listening/speaking/writing
  • ESP, sci/tech
Thirty-eight transcripts and lesson plans based on short scientific and technological video reports underwritten by the National Science Foundation and the General Motors Research Laboratories. (This video series was originally developed for U.S. secondary school students.) The selected topics are of high interest, each providing a full hour's language lesson that includes a stimulating variety of previewing, viewing, and follow-up activities. Text 81 pp.; audiocassette; set of 2 videocassettes.

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