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English By Broadcast

Family Album, U.S.A. (FAUSA), an English-by-broadcast program for home and classroom has been broadcast in most countries around the world. Books to accompany the series are for either home study or the classroom. FAUSA is part of a cooperative agreement between USIA and Prentice Hall Regents to promote American English through video.

Crossroads Cafe, a dynamic English-by-video program for adult EFL and ESL instruction began broadcast to Central and South America in October 1996; worldwide broadcast via the U.S. Information Agency's Worldnet television service began in early 1996. Home study and classroom materials are available through the distribution of International Thomson Publishing. Broadcast times are listed here. Come in and grab a cup of coffee!

News Broadcasts in English -  From the Voice of America.  Check out the variety of current news report scripts you can read, and some which you can listen to in RealAudio formats.

USIA International Broadcasting - General information regarding The Voice of America, Worldnet Broadcasting, Radio Marti and other resources.

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