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With a wide variety of activities, the English Language Programs Division supports English teaching programs and activities outside the United States, serving United States Information Service (USIS) offices in more than 140 countries. Our staff plan, conduct, promote and support programs sponsored by our offices and/or host country institutions such as Ministries of Education, universities, and USIS-related English Language Programs (Binational Centers and USIS Direct English Teaching Programs). Activities include the development of English teaching curricula, textbooks, and teacher training workshops. The Washington office staff provide academic expertise, advisory and consultative assistance, and materials resources worldwide. They also stimulate and reinforce academic exchange programs between the United States and other countries and help to interpret American life and institutions to the world. 

  • An American professor of linguistics consults with a Ministry of Education office on training and curriculum issues;
  • An American EFL trainer travels to secondary schools throughout Slovakia to conduct  workshops;
  • A USIS English Language Officer travels through Burma, giving workshops to English teachers;
  • A Brazilian teacher reads her article in the latest quarterly FORUM magazine
  • A teacher in Tbilisi, Georgia buys  reference and methodology books in local currency she can afford from the newly founded teachers' association;
  • A group of Brazilians learn program administration basics in an email-based online workshop with a course instructor in the United States
All of these scenarios actually happen through USIA/USIS English Language Programs.
The Division has a staff of English Language Officers (ELOs), program specialists, and support staff based in Washington and overseas. All officers hold advanced academic degrees in the teaching of English as a foreign language (TEFL), applied linguistics, or a related field. They have, as well, many years of experience as EFL teachers, teacher trainers, university educators, and administrators. 

Please look through our pages for programs from which you might benefit or participate. And remember, the first and best point of contact is usually at the USIS office in your country, or with the English Language Officer in your area. 

The English Language Programs Division  
United States Information Agency 
Room 304  
301 4th Street, S.W.  
Washington, D.C. 20547  

Phone: 202-619-5869  
Fax: 202-401-1250  
Email: English@usia.gov

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