Overview of the English Language Programs Division

    The English Language Programs Division supports English teaching programs and activities abroad, serving USIS posts in more than 140 countries.  The Division has a staff of English language officers, program specialists, and support staff based in Washington and overseas. Staff plan, conduct, promote and support programs sponsored by field posts and/or host country institutions such as Ministries of Education, universities, and USIA/USIS-related English language programs. Activities include the development of English teaching curricula, textbooks, and teacher training workshops. Division staff provide academic expertise, advisory and consultative assistance, and materials resources worldwide. They also stimulate and reinforce academic exchange programs between the United States and other countries and help to interpret American life and institutions to the world.

    The English language is the most widely taught foreign language in the world, chosen most often as the first foreign language of study. While the position of English in international business, as well as in science and technology, makes it a global language, there is a great need and demand for improving the training of English teachers from governments worldwide. By assisting teacher training programs overseas, the USIA can help foster an English competent world in which U.S. universities, businesses and other organizations can flourish and advance American interests.

    The English Language Programs Division provides professional teacher training programs worldwide to promote understanding of American language, society, culture, values and policies. It is only through a thorough understanding of each other's cultures can we establish and maintain a foundation of international cooperation and trust.


Contact Information:

The United States Information Agency
English Language Programs Division
Room 304
301 4th Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20547

Phone: 202-619-5869
Fax: 202-401-1250
Email: English@usia.gov

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