English Teaching Exchange Programs

This web site is an archive of the former USIA site as it stood in September 1999, and is now maintained as part of the Electronic Research Collection of historic State Department materials by the federal depository library at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

English Teaching Fellows: The English Teaching Fellow (ETF) Program recruits qualified EFL teachers for selected universities and institutions in all areas of the world. Applicants for ETF grants must be U.S. citizens, hold an M.A. degree in TEFL/TESL, and be willing to teach for a year according to the needs of the host institution. ETFs are not employees of the USIA or of the U.S. Government. They are subject to all laws and regulations applying to local teachers. Fellows receive a fixed stipend in dollars and a cost-of-living allowance, which may be paid in local currency, sufficient to live modestly on the local economy, in addition to round trip travel and supplementary medical insurance. (Further information on the ETF Program and current list of Fellows)

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Fellows - Eastern/Central Europe, Russia, and NIS: The EFL Fellow program places experienced EFL teacher trainers and ESP instructors in selected countries of Eastern and Central Europe and the NIS. The Fellows work at local ministries of education and teacher training institutions to conduct a variety of activities including training sessions on methodology, curriculum development, textbook analysis, and testing. ESP specialists teach English at advanced levels to host country professionals in such fields as business, economics, law, finance, and medicine. The objective of the program is to promote the teaching of English as a vehicle to develop democracy throughout the region. Applicants must be U.S. citizens with M.A./Ph.D. degrees in TEFL/TESL and considerable experience in teacher training or ESP, some of which was overseas. Fellows receive a stipend, cost of living allowance in U.S. dollars, round trip travel, a book allowance, and supplementary medical insurance coverage. (Further information on the EFL Fellow Program and current list of Fellows)

Short-term English Language Specialists: The EL Specialist program recruits American academics in the field of TEFL/TESL and Applied Linguistics for short-term assignments (two to six weeks) in a particular program of the host country identified by the USIS post. EL Specialists may work on curriculum projects, teacher training seminars, textbook development, English for Special Purposes, program evaluation or other well-defined short projects. In requesting program support, a USIS post will normally suggest a candidate; if they do not, then the English Language Programs Division contacts and recruits an EL Specialist from among well-known academics in the field. EL Specialists receive an honorarium and round-trip travel from USIA. Per diem, in-country travel and other expenses are covered by the USIS post abroad.

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